Our tutoring program works in conjunction with our home work program.

Everyone has the potential to be great.

Our mission is to provide children with a holistic approach to education where we look to discover the child's genius that will positively impact the community at large.
​Our students are encouraged to be an example for their peers.
Our students learn how to navigate through the global marketplace.

About The Academy

Students learn the importance of good nutrition and exercise.

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Self Defense
​Students learn discipline through the martial arts.
​​Kids Zumba breaks down the steps, add games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the Zumba classstructure. 
It takes a team of dedicated instructors to make sure our students are reaching their potential and be a shining example to peers in their communities. We're fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.

Students learn how to start their own business, we have designed team exercises to help teach entrepreneurship.

Kids Zumba

Our commitment.