Every student has

a unique gift.

Kids Doing Business Academy Prep is a non-profit after school program like no other. We offer kids an entrepreneur training program by utilizing a combination of real life financial applications, creative art, and academics. With the support of local business owners and professional business mentors we will prepare our children to be our world's future leaders. During their enrollment at Kids Doing Business Academy Prep the students learn how to develop relationships, start & operate a business, and set their goals to reach their full potential. We believe all children have a special gift to give the world. KDB believes that education is not just what we put into a child, but also the genius we pull out from within. Kids Doing Business Academy Prep was founded in 1998. 

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The education they deserve.

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Kids Entrepreneurship K-6 Grade 

Kids Doing Business Academy Prep
​A kids non-profit organization

​Schools, Churches & Community Centers

"There is lots of information throughout this program that will help each student realize that there is a lot to business. If you take the time to think and prepare properly for business, you will have a much greater chance of actually getting started and succeeding."

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